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I founded ALICE PONS MILANO in 2019 in my hometown, Milan. During my fashion studies I fell in love with corsets and their rich history so I immediately decided to propose high-end Corsets based on original historical designs, for contemporary women, just like myself.



Sensitively crafted from pure fibres, grown in Italy.

We are fully conscious of the effect that waste production has on the planet so we use all possible methods to reduce our impact and decrease the waste of resources and materials. Also, 80% of our corsets are fully reversible in order to offer two different color and/or fabric options of the customer’s favorite corset style. 



Pure or Up-cycled 

ALICE PONS MILANO also uses scrap fabrics from different sources and up-cycles and re-uses each piece creating limited one-of-a-kind capsule collections.

We are also committed to work with innovative materials which do not belong to the usual fashion imagery to give unused cloths a complete new purpose.


We respect people as much as we respect the planet. 

Each product is fully traceable since it is created from scratch within a 10 km area from Milan, using exclusively local materials to support Italian craftsmanship and also reduce freight emissions.


Our ultimate goal is to create pieces of a timeless beauty that will be handed from one generation to the next.

Officina del cuoio


From our vision, to our manufacturing and packaging.

Sustainability is a core value for ALICE PONS MILANO. We strive to stay true to our beliefs and support a slow and honest fashion approach. We aim to create an impactful change within the fashion industry by offering mostly made-to-order and made to measure pieces and keeping a limited stock of each design. 

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